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  October 23 2018

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Breaking & Entering, July 26, 2018
Suspect 3753 : Captured
Gender: male
Build: large
Complexion: light
Height: medium
Suspect Vehicle
Paul Nicholson
Suspect 3754
Gender: female
Build: small
Complexion: light
Height: medium
Justine Igo
Female Suspect
Breaking & Entering - System ID 180070
Agency Case # 18-1014-OF
July 26, 2018
Bellingham : Sav More Gas Station
Paul Nicolson
Case Details:

The Bellingham Police Department is attempting to identify two suspects involved in a B&E at the Sav More Gas Station on S. Main St. in Bellingham, MA.

On Thursday, 07/26/18 at approx. 2:36 AM, two suspects threw a rock at a window where a female then makes entry into the store.  The female went in behind the counter and loaded up on cigarettes.  The female is described to be in her mid 20’s with dark hair and weights 125lbs .  A male suspect and the female suspect were captured on CCTV surveillance video in the suspect vehicle.

The male is described to be in his 40/50’s with white/light colored hair, weighs 240lbs and has distinct tattoos. The male has distinctive tattoos on his neck and both arms.

The suspect vehicle is described as a white, possibly CHEVY HHR, with a cylinder container on the roof racks.  


The Bellingham Police Department has identified the male suspect in this case as: 

PAUL NICHOLSON (51) from North Providence, R.I.

NICHOLSON is currently at the ACI on unrelated charges.


On 8/14/18, the Bellingham Police Department identified the female suspect in this case as:

JUSTINE M. IGO (22) with addresses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

Bellingham Police Department : 508-966-1212 x 2994
Investigator: Det. Amy Kirby
Case Submission No.: 180070

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